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Bank Repossession

Bank Repossession

When the economic downfall hit in 2007, the real estate market was one of the first to take the biggest hit. However, since the increase in the market, Bank Repossessions are becoming one of the more increasingly popular investment opportunities in real estate over the past few years. However, the bank repossession market isn’t only seeing an increase in sales, but also in the way the banks are dealing with them.

Previously, most bank repossessions never got anywhere near the public and instead were being sold to bank contacts or employees. Banks preferred to keep a property if they felt the price it would sell at wouldn't be sufficient to cover the original loan plus costs, instead building up a collection of assets, with the intention of selling them off later at a price to cover any loss.

Today, banks are starting to get their own houses in order and have realised that there is a growing market of buyers out there who are interested in bank repossessions. They are looking for ways to market these opportunities to the general public and are able to do so with low starting prices and desirable finance packages. Louis Wealth Realty steps in, providing expertise and knowledge of the property market to assist the banks in the sale of repossession properties.

Our bank repossession property portfolio isn’t completed by unwanted properties on unfinished developments. We can help you through all the ins and outs of buying a bank repossessed property, which is quite a different process to a standard property purchase, and will work with you to make sure it is exactly the right property for you – as we do with all our buyers.

These repossession opportunities are available in all areas of the Costa del Sol and at all price levels with great financing options.

Contact Louis Wealth Realty today so we can share our portfolio of bank repossessions with you.