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Investing in property in Marbella can be both risky and difficult - even more so if you have no knowledge of the current housing market in the local area. At Louis Wealth Realty, we can offer a personalised service and exceptional advice. We inform our clients of the best property types, local areas in Marbella and the right time to invest in order to see maximum return on your property investment.

When the financial crisis hit in 2007, Spain saw a big decrease in property sales throughout the country. With the recovery from the economic downturn, properties in Marbella are becoming increasingly economical, proving to be a profitable opportunity for investors. A situation much like the current in the housing market is not likely to happen again for a long time.

As the economy continues to stabilise throughout the country, the value of properties in Marbella are on the rise again, with the value of said properties reaching the price they were prior to the crisis. With this in mind, many investors who purchased property throughout the crisis are now selling their property to reap the benefits of their investment.

To see the maximum return on your property investment, it’s important to understand the current property market. There are currently select property types and areas within Marbella that are seeing great demand, especially due to the rise in tourism over recent years.

To make sure you’re making all the right decisions regarding your investment, it is essential to have a trusted real estate agency and team of professionals to guide you through the process. Qualities you should look for in an agency are experience in properties in the Marbella area, with a good knowledge of the local area and the current local property market, as well as specialist advice regarding property investments.