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Our Services

Our Services

At AGH Wealth Realty, we pride ourselves on the level of service that we bring to our international clients. Whether you are looking to purchase an exclusive property, find a luxury rental, or require property and/or estate management services, we are here to help.

Property Sales

AGH Wealth Realty will personally select a portfolio of properties that suit your needs and budget. If you cannot find property on our website, you may request to see our private collection of exclusive properties, as long as the property owner approves.

During the purchase or sale of your property, our team of professionals assist to ensure that you are following all the correct steps, legally and financially, such as tax obligations. We will also guide you through the purchase process such as advising you on local taxes and fees.

Trust us to find the right property for you!

Property Rentals

We have a small selection of very exclusive properties for rent in the Marbella area. Please contact us to request our private portfolio of exclusive rental properties. For long term rentals, we can provide a range of services that you may require to move into your new rental home.

If you're a landlord looking to rent out your property, please view our Rental Information page for more information on the tax obligations involved. Please note that different taxes apply for residents and non-residents.

With so many people relocating to the Marbella area, purchasing a rental property can be a solid investment - if you already own a property in the area that you want to rent out, it is a proven way to earn extra income, provided you have the right professionals to take care of your property.

Property & Estate Management

Trust and discretion are paramount when it comes to our property and estate management services.

Please contact us today and ask about our property and estate management services.